The Idols NFT

Idol Marketplace

Official marketplace

At launch, the Idol Marketplace will be the only official marketplace where Idol NFTs are traded. The Idol Marketplace provides the following benefits to the protocol:
  • Decentralized, Open, Immutable place to trade Idol NFTs
    • Regardless of how other NFT marketplaces may evolve, Idol NFTs will have no "exchange failure" risk.
  • No third-party external market fees
  • 100% of commissions are paid to the community with no additional external market fees
  • Consolidated source of liquidity
    • We expect the Idol Marketplace to always remain the most liquid source of trading for Idol NFTs
  • Ensures that $VIRTUE stakers receive all commissions due
    • $VIRTUE stakers are important members of the ecosystem as post The Offering, the Bonding Curve is the only avenue for new stETH to enter the protocol.