The Idols is a collection of 9999 NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. Similar to other projects, your Idol NFT will serve as your proof of membership to a special community (The Idolverse). However, we believe that our project has some additional key features which fully align incentives between the team and community.

Key Features

  • 100% of proceeds from the "mint" (hereby referred to as The Offering) will be converted to LIDO's stETH and deposited back into the protocol.

  • Interest earnings from stETH in the treasury will be paid out in perpetuity to all Idol NFT holders.

  • $VIRTUE (our native ERC20 token) stakers will receive 100% of commissions from secondary sales of Idol NFTs.

  • Founding team token allocation will only vest if the protocol itself is successful

Our vision is to be a first of its kind NFT x Defi protocol that fulfills the vision of decentralization and web3. Our contracts are fully permissionless, uncensorable and have highly limited admin controls. Additionally, since Idol NFTs will initially only trade on The Idols' own native marketplace, this guarantees that regardless of how popular NFT marketplaces (such as Opensea) evolve in the future, there will always be a liquid and open market for Idol NFTs.

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